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GE Launches Asset Transfer System for Airlines and Lessors

Fri, August 09 2019

During GE Aviation’s Waypoint 2019 conference in Dallas in February, the company’s Digital Solutions team demonstrated a new Asset Transfer System (ATS) module. It’s part of GE’s AirVault aircraft maintenance records management system for airlines and other fleet operators. AirVault centralizes software configurations, administration, support and computer processing to bi-directionally connect the internal and external operation records and data of globally distributed fleets. Debuted in December 2018, AirVault ATS streamlines the transfer of maintenance records and other asset information between lessors/lessees or buyers/sellers.

“Lessors and airlines need holistic leased asset management solutions,” said GE Aviation Digital Solutions Product Management representative Monica Stone during the Waypoint presentation. “The real vision of ATS is to facilitate the rapid transition of documents between lessee and lessor, and do the audit as quickly as possible in a compliant and organized way. Anything that can shorten the time frame during the transition adds value to both sides.”

Oklahoma-based Critical Technologies introduced AirVault in 2007 as an online digital document management solution for aircraft maintenance records. The initial rollout included indexed maintenance and engine records for advanced document searches. In 2010, AirVault capability expanded with the MRO Connect module, which facilitates digital delivery of shop records to airlines. GE Aviation acquired Critical Technologies in March 2017, keeping the AirVault brand and looking at ways to expand system capabilities. The 2018 launch of AirVault ATS provides project management, lessor checklists and offline upload capabilities tailored to asset lease or sale transactions.


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