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End Users

Airlines and Commercial Carriers

AirVault helps carriers of all sizes stay profitable. We help modernize maintenance records management of the fleet, controlling operating costs, all while ensuring airworthiness and compliance.

Airlines/Carriers solutions

Business Jets

AirVault solves problems involved with business jets from managing a diverse fleet to coordinating with a variety of FBOs and MROs while meeting scheduling demands.

Business Jets Solutions


Rotorcraft records maintenance management can be complex. AirVault’s experience and in-depth helicopter knowledge helps make digital maintenance record keeping easier. Providing up-to-the-minute airworthiness of the fleet and regulatory compliance.

Helicopters solutions


Nothing is more important than your aviation capital asset portfolio. You rely on completeness, accuracy and availability of assets’ maintenance records for redelivery. Streamlining the process not only saves time, having a trusted partner like AirVault ensures your success.

Lessors solutions


We understand MRO’s have incredible volume. AirVault is equipped to handle everything seamlessly, while allowing grant regulators, your Ecosystem, your client base, and other third party servicers, controlled access to the system as you deem necessary.

MROs solutions

Asset Transfer System

The new Asset Transfer System is a collaborative tool that streamlines and simplifies the way that leased asset documentation is managed between Airlines and Lessors. Driving efficiencies for both throughout the entire life of a leased asset, this includes aircraft deliveries, annual inspection audits and asset transitions.

Incorporating both records management and project management, users organize, view, search, retrieve, download and transfer documents digitally. Records compliance is supported by linking project management to the digital records repository for EASA and FAA records retention, audit requirements and compliance.

The ability to create projects and view asset status is delivered via dashboard. Though our intuitive interface, users are provided clear identification of stakeholders, documentation management status and a master issues list to give a complete “at a glance” view for lease transitions.


Digital Records Management

While mandatory for regulatory compliance, assembling complete back-to-birth aircraft maintenance record is an expensive, time-consuming and unreliable process.

AirVault provides a comprehensive solution that digitizes, indexes and archives all airline record types. Powered by MRO Connect, MRO providers digitally transmit their maintenance records directly to the airline digital audit and archive processes. AirVault provides a centralized location for record search, administration, support and processing.

The AirVault Web Search tool makes it simple to search and retrieve by utilizing word search or indexed data filters. Document indexing can also be exported for use in dashboards, reports or analytics. AirVault provides capability for workpack audit reconciliation on digital maintenance records.


AirVault Connect

A critical connectivity component is connecting your maintenance records to the relevant M&E system. AirVault provides secure digital connectivity to M&E systems like AMOS, Maintenix, Ramco and Trax to digital records maintained in the AirVault repository. We provide the Error Correction Workflow and incorporate the benefit of utilizing DB lookups for automated tagging of documents. With increased speed and accuracy for document indexing, you will experience the positive impact on compliance, document routing and process improvement.